Independence Day

This past weekend was Independence Day here in the US, and like many others, we chose to celebrate with friends and family and watch a fireworks spectacular. Click an image to view larger.

This was my first attempt at doing any fireworks photography and I’m pretty happy with the results. I need to find a slightly better vantage point next time as there was a tree that kept getting in the frame of some of the shots.

But I’m not complaining about my vantage point at all. I figure if you’re getting showered with shell fragments during the show, you’re pretty close and should be able to get some decent images.

But the best part of the celebration was that Faith and I got to celebrate with our nieces Amy, Torey and Emily. They made a trip down from Pennsylvania to spend a week with us.

Safe in Orlando!

I got an opportunity to capture them in some gorgeous light as they made their way to Tijuana Flats for dinner

From left to right, Emily, Amy, Torey and Faith

We had a great visit with them and of course I took many opportunities to capture a few moments of fun.

From left to right, Emily, Torey, Faith and Amy

We asked them what they wanted to do during their visit and their list was very short. They wanted to see Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando and they wanted to go to the beach. Faith took them to Universal on Friday while I had to work.

All this fun makes for a hungry visitor.

Between the 2 of us, we took them to the beach 3 times. One day was a washout, but the other two were gorgeous. On Monday they wanted to see a sunrise, so off we went at 5:15 so they could see their first sunrise. The clouds didn’t cooperate for a beautiful sunrise, but once the sun did peek through, they were able to get to work on their tans. Once in a while, even I am able to get into a picture.

Photo courtesy of a beachwalker. Hey! I can't take every photo!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and hope that Emily, Torey and Amy will want to visit us again. It is quite an adjustment for Faith and I, who are used to just the 2 of us and our Golden Retriever, Hannah, to suddenly be thrust into the role of entertaining, protecting and feeding 3 teenagers. I hope we did a good job. I guess the proof will be whether they want to come back next summer.