Least Terns Revisited

This past weekend I made a return visit to see the Least Terns that are nesting on the Atlantic beaches. I’ve actually been back a few times, but I haven’t had time to process all of the images from these trips. Here are a few images from this weekend that I hope you like. Click an image to view large.

Our first stop was the rocky shore near Marineland for sunrise. The rocks make for a very interesting foreground and the clouds absolutely rock.

Atlantic Sunrise

While the clouds were great for sunrise, they were too thick for the Least Terns. A lot of my images suffered from a lack of proper exposure. But I still found some subjects worth shooting. This particular chick is likely only a day or two old.

My First Day
Taking A Stroll

The young ones are pretty easy to please.

Breakfast Is Served

When the chicks get a little older, they also get a little more demanding.

Feed Me!!

Then there are always one or two couples that are just getting their act together.

Preparing For a Family

Occasionally dad loses track of the kids.

Lost Dad

Finally, it is every Tern’s job to keep the dastardly ghost crabs at bay.

Defending The Nest
Ghost Crab Duty