Yachats Oregon

We spent 4 nights in Yachats Oregon (pronouced Ya-Hots) as part of our vacation on the Oregon Coast. We rented a house from Yachats Village Rentals on the coast there last year and liked it so much that we returned this year with Mary and Skip. Yachats means “dark water at the foot of the mountain” in the Siletz language. With a population of 690, it was named one of the “Ten Coolest Small Towns in the U.S.A. by Budget Travel magazine in 2007. Arthur Frommer, founder of Frommer’s Travel Guides, listed Yachats as number seven on his ten favorite vacation destinations in the world. You can list Yachats among our top 3 favorite vacation destinations!!

While we were in Yachats, I took a few hikes with the camera and explored some of the local area. Naturally I came back with a few images to share. I took a hike up the Yachats river for a short distance and came upon a mother Common Merganser and her 3 chicks. She didn’t allow me to get any photos and kept her distance from me, but she had some friends that were more than happy to pose for me while they rested on the opposite bank of the river.

Common Mergansers - Yachats Oregon
Common Mergansers – Yachats Oregon

A bit later, I came across a very cooperative Song Sparrow doing what I imagine Song Sparrows do best; singing.

Song Sparrow - Yachats Oregon
Song Sparrow – Yachats Oregon

This bird feeder hanging in someone’s yard was framed with some pretty daisies and provided opportunities to see American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin and White-crowned Sparrows. The Pine Siskin was a lifer for me, but I missed that opportunity for a photo. Each time I came back by the feeder I checked for him, but he wasn’t there again while I stopped by. The American Goldfinch is a frequent visitor to our backyard in the winter, but they aren’t as colorful in the winter. Just as the males come into the spring breeding colors in Florida, they leave for their nesting grounds farther north.

American Goldfinch - Yachats Oregon
American Goldfinch – Yachats Oregon

Directly below the feeder was a pair of White-crowned Sparrow chicks that were being fed by an adult. It was quite entertaining to watch them hide in the fencing and then come out to get a seed from mom that had fallen from the feeder. Even though the seed was falling all around them, they were too young to know to pick up and eat the same seed that mom was providing. But they eventually learn.

White-crowned Sparrow Chick and Adult - Yachats Oregon
White-crowned Sparrow Adult and Chick – Yachats Oregon

A trip down the cliff to the rocky shoreline led me to a group of Western Gulls and Heermann’s Gulls. We don’t have either species on the east coast, so it was nice to get a shot with both of them in the same frame. You can see how much larger the Western Gulls are compared to the Heermann’s Gulls. I’ll have more to post about the Western Gulls soon as I had some nice opportunities with some nesting Western Gulls too.

Western Gull and Heermann's Gull - Yachats Oregon
Western Gull and Heermann’s Gull – Yachats Oregon

Finally, I’ll close out this post with a 6 image panorama of the mouth of the Yachats river and some of the homes on the Pacific Coast in the Village of Yachats.

Yachats Oregon Panorama
Yachats Oregon Panorama