All About Birds

While I was preparing some of my Oregon posts recently, I kept referring back to the All About Birds website from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for links to the different species I was posting. During one of these searches, I came across an image of mine that I had given Cornell permission to use on their website. That reminded me that I had a few images in use on their website, so I thought it would be fun to post those again here and reference back to their website. Click an image to view larger.

I like the fact that my work can be used for education, and while it doesn’t put bread on the table, I feel good about giving back and helping to educate others about birds and their struggles through my images.

The first image I found on their website is of a Least Bittern that I took at Lake Toho in Osceola County. Bitterns are secretive birds and getting one out in the open while they are feeding is always exciting.

Least Bittern - All About Birds
Least Bittern

They also have one of my American Oystercatcher images on their site.

American Oystercatcher - All About Birds
American Oystercatcher

They also have an image of a Nelson’s Sparrow that I found at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. In all the visits that I’ve made to the refuge, I have only seen these birds one time. I was very lucky to have been quick to get the camera focus and fire off a couple of shots as they were gone in seconds.

Nelson's Sparrow - All About Birds
Nelson’s Sparrow

My image of a male Snail Kite with a snail also made it to their website. This flight shot was also taken on Lake Toho in Osceola County. You can see the tracking antennae trailing behind the bird’s tail just behind his legs. Snail Kites are endangered in Florida, so researches use these radio transmitters to track their movements to learn more about their habitats.

Snail Kite - All About Birds
Snail Kite

One of my favorite birds, the Long Billed Curlew, is also featured, although my image is not the main image on the page. This is one of my favorite subjects when I visit Fort deSoto each year. They are a lot of fun to watch as they fish crabs out of the sand with their long bills.

Long-billed Curlew - All About Birds
Long-billed Curlew

They also have one of my favorite Black Skimmer images from a couple of years ago on their Best of Birdshare page from 2011.

Black Skimmer Family - All About Birds
Black Skimmer Family

Photography is my hobby and I doing for the pure joy of just being outdoors and sharing what I’ve seen with others. To be recognized by one of the preeminent birding resources on the Intranet is a very special bonus.