Northern Parula

This past spring, Faith and I were thrilled to have a Northern Parula stop by and visit us in the backyard. Each spring and fall we get a handful of migrants as they are passing through heading north or south. Most of the time we’re busy with work and can’t spend a great deal of time waiting for them to stop by, so when we do see them, we are quite thrilled to watch them. This particular day we had decided to spend the afternoon sitting in the backyard with the camera setup when this male Northern Parula stopped by for a bath. Northern Parulas are usually one of the first warblers to migrate each spring and this one was no exception. He was also a precursor to a very exciting spring in our backyard. Details to come in a future post.

I shot a couple dozen shots during the few minutes he visited us. Click an image to view larger.

Northern Parula

Checking out the bird bath.

After a quick check for predators, it was time to dive in.

Northern Parula

Diving in

The best baths have a lot of splash!

Northern Parula

Splish Splash

Another quick check for predators…and maybe that nosy photographer over there.

Northern Parula

Taking a break

It’s always good to get a good rinse after your bath.

Northern Parula

Rinse cycle

Time for a drip dry and some fine-tuning of the feathers.

Northern Parula

Drip dry

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  1. Jess Yarnell says:

    Nice shots! Sometimes the best-remembered afternoons are the quiet ones spent in your own backyard, huh?

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