Looking Back (July – September) 2013

Continuing the series looking back on my opportunities in 2013…
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Faith and I looked forward to July for months as that was the month we traveled back to Oregon for vacation. This year we traveled with Faith’s mother Mary and her husband Skip and had a wonderful time. Oregon is a state filled with photographic opportunities. I could easily spend months there and photograph something spectacular every day. I hope when I retire that I get the chance to do just that. We have been twice and have only visited the Oregon coast each time. We love it along the coast, but every mile we drive makes me want to go back for more.

looking back
Black Oystercatcher adult
looking back
Black Oystercatcher chick
looking back
Tufted Puffins
looking back
Haceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast

August brought me another fantastic opportunity to photograph one of my favorite species. Captain Lance invited me to spend a morning on his pontoon boat to photograph the Swallow-tailed Kites on Lake Woodruff. The kites congregate on the lake in late July and early August as they prepare for their migratory trip down to South America in mid-August. We had a fun morning and I have had trouble picking just one favorite for this month.

looking back
Swallow-tailed Kite

By the time mid-August rolls around, and well into September, photography opportunities tend to become harder to find. Most of that is because it’s just too darn hot and not a lot of fun to be outdoors looking for great images. I only got out to shoot twice in September, and both of those occasions were in Atlanta. I spent much of Atlanta working while we installed new warehousing equipment. I did spend a day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and had some good opportunities there. I had been wanting to shoot sunflowers and thought I had missed the season, but there were some blooming in the gardens while I was there.

looking back

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