Greater Roadrunner

One of my target birds for my trip to Arizona was to photograph the Greater Roadrunner. I fondly remember watching Wile E. Coyote and the roadrunner battle it out on Saturday mornings as I was growing up. Those were my favorite cartons and I looked forward to Saturday morning.

So after arriving in Arizona, I stopped by the Acme warehouse to pick up a few necessary supplies for my quest:

– Spring-loaded boxing glove – Check!
– Bow and arrow with dynamite payload – Check!
– Anvil (a must have in the desert) – Check!
– Rocket skates (far more expensive than I would have thought, but well worth the investment) – Check!

I believe I fared much better than the coyote as I was easily able to find and photograph his nemesis. Click the images to view larger.

Greater Roadrunner
Greater Roadrunner

They do have some pretty colors in their feathers.

Greater Roadrunner
Beep! Beep!

A little later in the morning, the roadrunner returned and put on this display when he/she heard another roadrunner in the distance. Looks like he may be ready to offer a tasty tidbit to a prospective mate.

Greater Roadrunner
A tasty treat!

These guys are quick!

Greater Roadrunner
Accelerati incredibilus

I loved the shots I took of him on an old Saguaro cactus skeleton.

Greater Roadrunner
Has anyone seen the coyote?

How many people will remember these lyrics?

If you’re on the highway and Road Runner goes beep beep.
Just step aside or might end up in a heap.
Road Runner, Road Runner runs on the road all day.
Even the coyote can’t make him change his ways.

Road Runner, the coyote’s after you.
Road Runner, if he catches you your’re through.
Road Runner, the coyote’s after you.
Road Runner, if he catches you you’re through.

That coyote is really a crazy clown.
When will he learn he can never mow him down?
Poor little Road Runner never bothers anyone.
Just runnin’ down the road’s his idea of having fun.

More to come from Arizona!