Lake Blue Cypress

Last month Jess, Debbie, Tom and I met at Lake Blue Cypress at sunrise to photograph the nesting ospreys on the lake. There are dozens of osprey nests on the lake and many of the nests are easily photographed from a pontoon boat. So we chartered a boat and a guide from Middleton’s Fish Camp and headed out for a morning of photography and lots of fun.

Lake Blue Cypress not only has the nesting osprey’s to entertain photographers, it also has some beautiful sunrises for those that like to do a little landscape work. Click the images to view larger.

Lake Blue Cypress Sunrise
Lake Blue Cypress Sunrise

Clouds are great for sunrises, but not so great for photographing the ospreys. A sunny day or a cloudy bright day is much preferred. Still, one must take advantage of the opportunities on any given day.

Lake Blue Cypress Sunrise
Lake Blue Cypress Sunrise

Since the sun was not initially cooperating, we had some fun with our guide as we motored out to the osprey nests. Not everyone appreciates having their photo taken at 7:00am in the morning.

I don't think Debbie is happy with me.
I don’t think Debbie is happy with me.

But it didn’t take us long to start having some fun.

Tom & Debbie
Tom & Debbie.

At least one of us was focused on the job at hand, though. You may remember Jess and her mud-caked knees from a recent post.

Jess focused on the action, not on the actors
Jess focused on the action, not on the actors

Eventually we got back to the task at hand … photographing the ospreys.

Adult osprey the nest - Lake Blue Cypress
Adult osprey in the nest

There are lots of flight shot opportunities at Lake Blue Cypress for those that are prepared.

Adult osprey in flight - Lake Blue Cypress
Adult osprey in fligh

One of the images we always hope for is a flight shot with nesting material. This osprey didn’t disappoint and flew around from tree to tree calling the entire time. I’m not sure if he was lost or if he just wanted to show off the size of his prize.

Next Building Materials - Lake Blue Cypress
Nest Building Materials

Speaking of prizes, I always hope to get a prize winning shot of an osprey carrying a giant largemouth bass. Unfortunately today I had to settle for a poor photo of an osprey carrying a tilapia. But hey! I take what I can get.

Osprey and Tilapia - Lake Blue Cypress
Osprey and Tilapia

Naturally since the osprey are nesting, we were hoping to find a nest with some chicks in it. We suspected that several pairs had eggs in the nest, and some nests had very small chicks, but it took us most of the morning to finally find a nest where the chicks were large enough to be seen above the nest.

Osprey Chicks - Lake Blue Cypress
Osprey Chicks

We were fortunate enough to find a second nest with chicks in it at the tail end of our tour. Perhaps my favorite osprey image of the day was this adult feeding a pair of chicks in the nest. I only wish it hadn’t been quite so windy so the boat would have been more stable. I would have probably had a better image in that case. Looks like I’ll have to wait until next year to try again.

Feeding Time - Lake Blue Cypress
Feeding Time

I only made 1 trip to Lake Blue Cypress this year. Perhaps a second trip would have had better weather and more opportunities. But I don’t see how it could have been any more fun. Thanks Tom, Debbie and Jess for a wonderful morning!!

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  • Debbie Tubridy

    May 15, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Wonderful shots … we did have a lot of fun that day! Thanks for sparing me from “that video” … LOL