The Proposal

It’s hard to believe that it has been 7 months since I’ve written a post on my blog. Sure, I’ve been busy, but I’ve also not felt the creativity for writing recently. A lot has happened in the last 7 months, so I’m hopeful today’s post might just reignite the fire and I’ll start posting more often.

Last weekend, Faith and I were invited to travel to Birmingham, AL to visit my sister and her family for the weekend. The purpose of the visit was to witness my nephew Collin propose to his girlfriend Michelle. It was a great weekend and we enjoyed our visit. It’s always nice to visit family and to participate in a special occasion at the same time makes it that much sweeter.

Collin had mapped out the entire event, and he was able to keep it a surprise from Michelle until the moment of truth. Considering that he had invited 35+ friends and family to witness the event, this was no small feat. But just about everything went off as planned and those little things that didn’t were insignificant.

So how did he pull this off? He invited her to go skydiving. When I first heard of this crazy idea nearly a year ago I thought Michelle would never go for it. But I was surprised to learn that she actually wanted to skydive. This would be the first skydive for both of them. So Collin put the wheels in motion for a skydive adventure and surprise. Of course I was able to take a couple of photos, so I’ll let the photos tell the story. Please note that I did not leap from a perfectly good airplane for some of these photos. Instead they are courtesy of another skydiver from Skydive Alabama who Collin had hired to document the more dangerous parts of the afternoon.

Collin and Michelle started out their morning at Skydive Alabama in Cullman, AL. While receiving their training and waiting their turn to go up, family and friends gathered in the Cullman airport terminal. I should take a moment here and mention that “airport terminal” doesn’t really describe the building properly. Sure, it had a snack bar and some chairs, but that’s about it. But then again, Cullman isn’t the international destination that Birmingham might be considered.

Ready for Adventure

The flight was delayed about 45 minutes or so because the plane had a malfunction. That certainly wasn’t something we wanted to hear. But soon enough they were boarding and the plane was on it’s way into the great blue yonder.

Collin showing no fear.
Michelle – far braver than I am.

Moments later, they were plummeting back to earth.

Collin takes the plunge.
Michelle takes a leap of faith.

There were no photos of Collin’s descent back to terra firma, but he made sure that Michelle’s jump was documented. I think she enjoyed it.

Once they were both back on the ground, Collin pointed Michelle to the waiting crowd of friends and family. This is the first that she knew we were all there watching. Collin used this distraction to pull the ring out of his pocket. You can see his hand reaching into his pocket in this photo. Collin didn’t jump with the ring. He had an accomplice working with him who held the ring until he landed. The curly-haired blonde guy (who kept getting in my shots) is the photographer that Collin hired. Although he photobombed some of my shots, he did get some great moments captured.

The Distraction

Before she knew what was going on, Collin was down on one knee. I can imagine that his heart was racing at this point. I wonder if it was racing as much when he took the plunge out of the airplane.

The Presentation.
The Presentation

You might imagine that I wouldn’t be writing this if her answer was anything but yes.

She said Yes!!
She said Yes!!
She said Yes!!
She said Yes!!

After the initial shock, Michelle realizes that there is a crowd of friends and family cheering and applauding for her.

Michelle responds to the cheers and applause from all her friends and family.

On the way back to the hanger, Michelle takes a moment to thank Riley, Collin’s accomplice in the affair.

The Accomplice

Although it isn’t one of my better images from that day, I really liked this image because of the pure joy it shows on their faces.


Time for one last photo before heading off to a reception in the spacious Cullman airport terminal.

A memory that will last a lifetime.

The next morning the family went to a local park for some family photos. The weekend was one that none of us will ever forget and I am very thankful to Collin for inviting us to be a part of the event. And I’m also thankful to Dana and Harold for putting up with a house full of family for the weekend. We appreciate your hospitality.


  • Jess

    July 30, 2017 at 9:06 pm Reply

    Michael, it’s fun to see you blogging again!

    Congratulations to Collin and Michelle. I bet you’ll never get tired of telling the story of this proposal! 🙂

  • Luisa Padilla

    July 31, 2017 at 7:23 pm Reply

    Congratulations to Collin & Michelle!!! Many blessed years to come!!!

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